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      來源:http://www.seek4news.com/ 日期:2022-11-25
      Because of its light weight, small volume, labor saving, high efficiency, multi-function, easy to carry, strong adaptability and other characteristics, small mixers are currently popular mixing equipment. Next, we will introduce it from two aspects: its classification and usage precautions to help you further understand it.
      Small mixers are mainly divided into two categories by power and construction site.
      (1) The power is divided into standard power 250W and enhanced power 350W. The standard type has a wide range of applications, mainly applicable to cement, dry mortar, concrete, lime, gypsum, limestone, dry ash, semi dry ash and other building mixing materials. The enhanced type is suitable for agricultural operations such as additional soil loosening, weeding and feed mixing.
      (2) The construction site is divided into household type, backpack type and all-in-one type. The household type, also known as portable type, can be used by directly connecting single-phase electricity, and can be connected to batteries without batteries. It is mainly suitable for convenient power supply occasions such as house decoration, rural housing construction and garden laying.
      The backpack type is also known as the convenient type. The battery can be put in the battery backpack, and can be used when the battery power is connected. There is no power limit, and it can also be plugged in with a power converter. It is mainly suitable for the harsh environment in high mountains, roadside projects, water conservancy projects, municipal projects, soil scarification and weeding, feed mixing and other power shortage occasions.
      The all-in-one model is also known as portable model. The battery is placed in the body, and is directly powered through the button switch. There is no power limit and no backpack movement. It is mainly suitable for the harsh environment such as narrow and dirty working space of various mixing projects.
      In addition, no part of the human body can be close to or touch the mixing head when using. Keep the mixing head clean after use. The battery shall be fully charged if it is not used for a long time. Please fold it and place it in the trunk of the trolley during transportation.
      The above is an introduction to the two categories of small mixers and the precautions for use. I believe you will have a basic understanding after reading them. For more information, please visit our website http://www.seek4news.com Come on!